Lirik dan Kunci Gitar Saint Loco - Fallin

Lirik, Kunci gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar Saint Loco - Fallin :

[intro] F#m D E Bm

F#m D E
I never felt like this before
Between us there is something more
F#m D
U gave me love that's true
E Bm
I know now my heart beats for u

F#m D
I feell u in the wind
The rain and the sun
And all my burdens gone
F#m D
I won't let you go
E Bm
Never let you go

[intro] F#m D E Bm

F#m D A
Fallin.. I'm fallin..
I'm fallin for u
F#m D A E
Fallin.. I'm fallin..

[rapp] F#m D E Bm
Check it
It --- from my heart
im break down to the --- yawh
i'm a dessert desperate for the fall of rain
I'm a wound try to heal now can u cover this pain
Just like the prodigal son running back to his father
Like a child that cry for the love of a mother
I'm knocking on u door
I'm calling for your name
Just let me in so I will never be the same
Please take away all this pleasure from my shoulder
Show me the way to find the ultimate pleasure

[interlude] F#m D A E

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