Lirik, Kunci gitar, Chords Gitar, Kord Gitar Rod Steward - I Don't Want To Talk About It :

Intro :   Em   A    D

Em A D
I can tell by your eyes, that you've prob'bly been cryin forever
Em A D
And the star in the sky don't mean nothin' to you they're a mirror

G A D C#/A Bm
* I don't want to talk about it how you broke my heart
G A A G#
If I stay hear just a little bit longger
G A Em A
If I stay hear won't you listen to my heart ?
Whoa heart

Em A D
If I stand all alone will a shadow hide a color of my heart

Blue for the tears, black for the night fears
Em A D
The star in the sky don't mean nothing to you they're a mirror

Ke *

D C#/A Bm D#
Fm Bb D# Fm Bb D#
D# C# C Bb G# Bb G# Bb

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