Lyric and Chord Guitar Weezer - Butterfly

Chords Guitar, Kord Guitar Weezer - Butterfly :

Verse 1:
G Em C
yesterday i went outside
D? G
with my mama is missing job
Em C *
caught a lovely butterfly

G Em C
when i woke up today
D? G
looked in on my fairy bed
Em C *
she had withered all away
no more sighing in hear breasts

i'm sorry for what i did
Em C
i did what my body told me to
i didn't mean to do you harm
G7 C D
every time I pin down one i think i want
it slips away
Em C5
than it go slips away

Verse 2:
smell you on my hands for days
i can't wash away your sad
found my dog and your a bitch

i guest you're as real as me
maybe i can live with that
maybe i need fantasy
live a chasin' out of lie


Verse 3:
G Em C
i told you i would return
D? G
when the robin makes his nest
Em C *
but i ain't never comin' back

End part:
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
C5 G
I'm sorry...

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